How to do a 360 loopback with Ben Wallace

Ben has the best 3 Lookbacks in the game. Here he talks you through how to make yours look just like his ;)

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Ben Wallace, Tony Watkinson and Ryan Taylor mix.

Bens look backs are sick. Nice edit from a bunch of parks from around the UK. click image to head over to Vital BMX to watch the edit.

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Mike Curely New Year edit.

Mike brings the new year in with style.

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Jason Colledge (fooman) on WTP

Sponoship change. Fooman will now be riding for Wethepeople through CSG. Our UK flow team is dialled. :)
Check out that went out over the weekend.

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Skinner and Holmes

amie Skinner (radio bikes) and James Holmes ( G.T and Xposure) Filmed and edited by Cal Earnshaw over the Christmas holidays at The Cheesecake factory ! Hope you enjoy.

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Jason Phelan / The Irish

The Irish | Jason Phelan from wemakethings on Vimeo.

Jason is a good friend, his riding is always exciting, he rides because it’s fun and he’s one of the nicest people you’ll every meet. Check out his edit and then head over to the micro site with loads of extra video’s.

Jason’s frame is going international in the next few weeks, we are seriously excited about this. In celebration of this epic historic moment, Jason took a trip to South Africa and did a bungee jump, gave a kid his bike and put out a sweet riding edit. Filmed by Will Evans.

visit Jason’s Micro site here.

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Eclat B-sides, Shaun Burns

Manny gap over fence.

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