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Xposure recently went to BCN to get some photo’s for adverts. They figured they might swell film it also. Check it out.

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Skinner and Holmes

amie Skinner (radio bikes) and James Holmes ( G.T and Xposure) Filmed and edited by Cal Earnshaw over the Christmas holidays at The Cheesecake factory ! Hope you enjoy.

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CSG UK BMX team Christmas edit.

The CSG spent a few days at Rampworx getting into the spirit of things. Hope you like.

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Josh Davis bike check

Josh rides for Mongoose and Xposure in Australia. Check out his bike check.

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Jack Fahey bike check

Jack Fahey who rides GT and Xposure put together a bike check for us. Jacks from Australia but spent this summer at Woodward.

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CSG UK in Kiev.

We recently took a trip to Kiev in the Ukraine, our original plan was to visit Chernobyl but the place was shut down. So instead we’re turned our attention to the city of Kiev. I hope you like the results of what was an amazing week.


Josh Webber now riding for G.T & Xposure

Josh Webber “Punkus” just got added to the UK flow team for G.T and Xposure. This is his welcome edit, filmed and edited by Callum Earnshaw.

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