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Wethepeople in Malaga

WETHEPEOPLE / España Vacaciones from wemakethings on Vimeo.

Two of my favourite riders Peter Saywer and Jason Phelan spent sometime in Malaga in celebration of Pete Sawyers signature WTP Wham bar coming out. This edit is full of bangers from start to finish but just wait for the ender. Jay is the man.

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Ride UK Warehouse project

Warehouse Project: Ride UK a BMX video by rideukbmx

Ride UK invited 4 teams to spend a week in a warehouse with a bunch of stuff and told them to get creative. You can watch all the team edits here.
They also put together a super team which consists of basically all CSG UK riders. Check it out.

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WETHEPEOPLE Reason + Trust Bike Tests.

WETHEPEOPLE Reason + Trust Bike Tests. from wemakethings on Vimeo.

The Trust and the Reason are both complete bikes from the Wethepeople 2013 collection.
We took them to meet to local riders Thomas Wegerhoff and Florian Koch and let them test the bikes in a warehouse. This is the result.

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Mike Curleys Power hour

Power Hour: Mike Curley – More BMX Videos

This is the best power hour i’ve seen in a long time. Mike is insane tech.

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The nightmare before Christmas

Jason Phelan, Kris Kyle and Alex D murder Unit 23 in this. So good .

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Jason Phelan @ Unit 23

8 months ago Jason moved up to Unit 23 in Glasgow. He lost his brakes during the move! ! Pete Adam spent a few days with Jason last week and here is the result.

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Wethepeople super8 iphone edit

Iphone Super 8 from CSG UK on Vimeo.

This is what remains from a trip to France and Germany with Wethepeople team riders Jason Phelan, Mike Curley and Fooman.
Jason, Mike, Foo and Will Evans had been on the Dawn promotional tour with Frenchies and Maxime Chevron. If you haven’t seen the afore mentioned edit here’s the link
The plans was after the tour had finished the lads would travel through France, up to Cologne to film a web edit.
In Paris some thieving £*$£’s stole virtually all of Will’s camera equipment, leaving the guys with a super 8 camera and 4 iphone’s.
This is the result

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