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Mongoose Happy Christmas

If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit then nothing will. Mongoose got the together for some holiday fun. Filmed at the newly opened Rush skate park. Chris Akrigg stars as Santa, with Ben Wallace, Kevin Peraza, Greg Illingworth, Paul Ryan and Tom Istead as the elves.

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Mongoose Team at Vans Kill The Line 2013

The Mongoose guys hit up this weekends Kill the Line comp in Peynier France and killed it. Ben Wallace came 2nd, Cam White 5th and Greg went down hard resulting in a sperated shoulder.

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Kevin Peraza’s Mongoose Set Up

Kevin Peraza has been on the rise in the world of BMX and recently made a change to his professional ride. Now rolling on a Mongoose frame, Peraza took a few minutes to breakdown his new whip, explain why he rocks a lefty brake lever on his right side and more interesting bits that make up his bike in this Setup!

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Day 2 Park Final Mongoose Jam 2013

Park finals at the Mongoose Jam went off! Double-flairs, decade airs, and more madness than you can imagine. Hit “play” to get into the action from Kevin Peraza, Dennis Enarson, Daniel Sandoval, Jeremiah Smith, Pat Casey, Kyle Baldock and more.

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Day 1 Dirt Final Mongoose Jam 2013

Dirt was the first contest of the 2013 Mongoose Jam, and it was packed with bangers. All six teams had heavy hitters, but captain Steve McCann’s duo of Jeremiah Smith and Daniel Sandoval brought the heat for the top first two spots. Watch this video to see which team took the win. Riders include Ronnie Napolitan, Kevin Peraza, Daniel Sandoval, Jeremiah Smith, Ben Wallace, Greg Illingworth, Kyle Baldock, Mike Clark, Pat Casey, Chris Doyle, and more.

Stay tuned for the Park and Street contest videos coming soon, including riders like Chad Kerley, Ben Lewis, Paul Ryan, Dennis Enarson, Rob Darden, Alistair Whitton, Brandon Dosch, and more.

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meet the teams Mongoose Jam 2013

The Mongoose Jam is going off in Woodward, PA. How did the Mongoose captains choose their teams? Which campers made it through the Selection Session? And which Mongoose Team Captain talks the most trash? Find out in the “Meet the Teams” video.

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Stuart Loudon Edit

Stuart Loudon coming through with some hot moves in this new edit .

Stuart riders for us through our South African distributor Omnico.

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